• Advocate a green public policy platform and develop strategic alliances
  • Educate civic leaders to encourage the adoption of sustainable design as a necessary and viable development practice.
  • Promote and support changes in regional and local zoning and planning boards and building codes.
  • Promote and support responsible legislation that encourages green building planning, design, and construction practices.
  • Create a presence at regional events that is compatible with our mission.


  • Advancing Green Building Policies in Mississippi:
  • Establish legislation to support sustainable green buildings, by requiring state-funded buildings to meet Silver Level certification, and by creating incentives such as tax incentives for private buildings.
  • Establish legislation to require net metering.
  • Establish tax credits for renewable energy generation.
  • Chapter Development:
  • Create partnerships with neighboring states to train the Gov and Advocacy Committee and USGBC membership on Advocacy.
  • Create partnerships with other organizations to promote Green Buildings, and to share knowledge of best practices.
  • Support for National USGBC campaigns:
  • Support the nomination of a Mississippi Representative to the Congressional Green Schools Caucus.
  • Create a Green Schools Caucus in Mississippi.
  • Support the Mayor's Green Schools Alliance and Mayor's Climate Protection Agreement.


  • As we prepare for the next state legislative session, which convenes on January 3, 2012 and ends on May 5, we are planning to support our new governor and legislature in making progress with proposed Green Building Policies. We are planning a Green Day at the Capital to introduce legislators to the concepts and case studies of Mississippi projects that meet enhanced performance standards, and to let them know the critical importance of this to the state's agricultural and tourism interests.
  • We will also encourage school districts to adopt the principles of resource-efficient buildings for all renovations and new buildings. The major institutes for higher learning in Mississippi have all done this, and there are two green schools underway - one in Oxford and one in Hancock County. These test cases will provide a glimpse of a more sustainable and productive environment for students and staff. To engage with students directly, the south branch is planning a solar car derby at several schools across the coast to introduce the principles of solar energy, paired with the action of a car race!


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